Pregnancy and Technology – Capstone Project

For the final project of my HCI Master’s program I focused on designing for the pregnancy experience.

The project began as a methods design workbook in 2012, and I chose to continue to delve into the problem space further. My paper follows the “PRInCIPleS” outline of design: Preconceptions, Research, Insights, Concepts, Prototypes and Strategy.


Research: For Research I did a iOS Application review, a diary study and a web survey. I also did an artifact analysis on five pieces of technology and collected many other examples of technology for pregnancy.

Insights – I spent time understanding the different people a pregnant woman comes in contact with throughout the pregnancy and prepared a stakeholder map to visualize their interactions and tools.

Concepts – I did a fast generation concepting session that identified 80 concepts that I then mapped to identify commonalities. I explained in more detail 20 of those concepts.

Prototypes – I created three prototypes to do a behavioral study with an aquaintence who was currently pregnant.

Strategy РI used the design strategy triad to understand the Human values and desirability, the technological feasibility and the Enterprise level marketability of the pregnancy space as a whole.


The whole paper is available for download by clicking on ‘View Project’ above.

  • Date December 22, 2016
  • Tags Experience Mapping, Graphic Design, Infographics, Information Architecture, Information Visualization, User Centered Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, User Research, Visual Design